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Shogun & Vulcan fireworks are at the leading edge of fireworks displays both in New Zealand and abroad. We are able to put a fireworks display package together to suit your every need. This includes organising fireworks, operators and permits. With more than 40 years of combined knowledge and experience, David York and son James York are able to design a display that is just right for you.

In our firework displays we only ever use Shogun & Vulcan Display Fireworks. This way you can be assured that your are getting extremely good quality products that are going to have the best possible effects in the sky. Shogun & Vulcan products are made in a strict quality control environment, this means not only do the customers get the best display fireworks but display operators can be rest-assured that they are working with quality product, which greatly increases safety on firework displays. This is the reason we stick by the Shogun & Vulcan brands.

Not only do we use top quality fireworks on our displays, but also use what many in the business consider to be the best Electronic Firing System available. We use a variety of firing systems from the Galaxis brand, and we are also now the agent for these systems in New Zealand. These systems are state of the art, and set the bench mark for firing systems around the world. Click HERE for more info on the systems.

We also provide our Firework Display service to international customers. We have a large number of contacts for displays in: Europe, America, Australia, Asia & The South Pacific. We are able to arrange and fire shows in many areas of the world. This is particularly good for events in places like the Pacific Islands where there may not be a local firework display operator, however they would like to have a fireworks display at an upcoming event. This is where we come in! We provide a service whereby we can arrange to get all permits and permissions for the display, get the product to the location and then set up and fire the display. If you are from out of New Zealand and are trying to arrange this, make us your first point of contact.

If you are interested in a fireworks display at your next event, get in contact with us and we will work together with you to find the perfect display for your needs.

Please note that not all locations are suitable for firework displays. Displays are subject to availability.

A few images from one of our displays on Auckland Harbour.

How about these for "great" effects!