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Our parent company, Universal Pyrotechnics Limited was established in New Zealand in 1948 by Gerald and Joyce York, to manufacture fireworks for the local market. For more than 40 years Universal was New Zealand's sole manufacturer using very advanced methods of production.

Over these years, most processes were mechanised, ensuring Universal was a very efficient and reliable source of retail type fireworks.

Famous names like Mt Egmont, Mt Vesuvios, Golden Rain, Hellzapoppin, Snowstorm, Cluster of flower, Flower pot, Bengali, Laser light, Spaceship, Emerald Fire, Electra,  Golden Glory, Mighty Cannon, Jumping Jack, and Yew Tree to name just a few, were manufactured and marketed under the Universal and Pan Fireworks brands.

The New Zealand market changed in the early 80's and the "protected" environment that most New Zealand manufacturers enjoyed was removed by substantial changes to importation rules. At this stage, Universal reaccessed their position and made the decision to move its' manufacturing to China.

A joint venture with Hong Kong based Inter-Oriental Fireworks Ltd., was set up and our first factory opened in 1991-1992. The Vulcan brand was established as a Premium Brand for export to Europe and the USA. In fact, Vulcan was the pioneer of all the new fireworks brands now seen coming out of China.

Shogun was introduced in 1998 as a retail brand to supply the US market.

Both brands are recognised throughout the world as first class quality and reliable fireworks. Vulcan and Shogun display fireworks are used around the world in massive displays. Notably, the display to complete the 2000 Sydney Olympics, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge were Vulcan fireworks.

In New Zealand we supply a vast range of prepackaged BAD BOY retail assortments and individual retail fireworks which comply with all New Zealand regulations.

We stock a vast range of display items from 1" shells to individual fireworks which make up a 5 minute display.

We can also arrange your personalised display suiting any budget.
 No show is too small or too large!